Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your fish? 

After fishing for four years around certain fisherman I buy from only from the fisherman I know. Because I know how they take care of their catch. Quality starts on the boat. 

Is this Wild Fish? 

Yes, only Wild - never farmed! We promote a sustainable product never Farmed. I don’t believe if you have to make a fish or put Chemicals in a fish you shouldn’t eat it. 

When do you ship orders? 

We ship Monday - Thursday. Orders must be placed by noon Alaska Time (1:00pm Pacific, 2:00pm Mountain, 3:00 Central, 4:00pm Eastern) for FedEx next-day delivery. If you require Saturday delivery, we are delighted to assist you. All orders shipping Friday for overnight delivery on Saturday require that you call our Customer Service department. There is a $25 surcharge for all Saturday deliveries.Are the fish products traceable?Yes, you'll know who caught your dinner and who has processed it. 

Do you ship to the United States? 

We ship throughout Alaska and the lower 48 Continental United States. We ship through Fedex which will arrive to you the next day.

Are there bones in the fish?

We hand pull all pin bones out of the salmon, and normally all white fish the bones will be cut out. However, we may miss a few bones so it’s always a good idea to check. 

What is the season for salmon? 

There is five species of salmon, they all have a season which the trollers can fish. I normally will have stock on the ones I purchase all year. 

How is the fish caught? 

There are many ways to catch a fish. I buy from Trollers more often than anything. There are a couple of species I get from a longliner like halibut or black cod.